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Wall of Hearts

The following story contains Boy's Love. *maleXmale*
Don't like? Don't read.


By: Limon Fern

Gil sat with his head hanging low. He was drenched in rain, but he sat there still.
Gil had fled from the spot he had kissed Oz.
He looked up momentarily at the empty streets before him.
He felt simply awful. The only thing racing in his mind was Oz.
'What should I do about Oz?
What would Oz think of me when I tell him... I knew it would happen?'
Gil looked down at his hands; his hands that had touched Oz so softly, his hands that ran through the golden hair that lay sprawled on the wet concrete.
A tear ran down his face.
'Did I hurt him? Was it even necessary to do that to him?'
He hated himself so much now. He had drugged his own master, only because he feared the worst.
He didn't believe Oz would love him back, and he thought it would be the end of it all, so he used a weak and temporary drug just to steal one kiss.
Gil never stopped to think about what would happen when Oz did return his love.

"I love you, too, Gil..."

The words that Oz whispered haunted his mind. Gil had two options now. 1; run away from everything, or 2; return to his master.
He contemplated his choices. If he ran away, he wouldn't have to face his master. He wouldn't have to be a part of anything related Oz, but if he ran away, where would he go?
He thought it impossible to hide from anything in the world.
Gil stood up, having made his final choice. He slowly took a step forward, hesitating for just a moment.
'There's only one way to find out...' Gil thought to himself.
He wandered around the streets trying to find where he had left Oz.
'God, I've even forgotten where I left him. I'm so useless...'
Then, when he almost lost his confidence, he lifted his head and saw Oz sitting in a curled position.
Gilbert's heart sank. He had left a mere child all alone in the cold rain; in the harsh wind, all alone.
Oz had his arms crossed and resting on his knees. His face was tucked in between his knees and chest.
Gil could almost picture the sorrowful face that would look up at him and smile sheepishly, apologize for losing him, then smile again.
It almost made him sick. Gil didn't want to think about it anymore.
He didn't want to think about Oz's fifteen-year-old face smiling at him.
Gil wanted to be punished by Oz, because he was unable to punish himself.
He gathered his courage and called out, "Oz!"
Oz lifted his head quickly at the sound of his name being called. He looked around, trying to find the source of the voice, then when he saw Gil's hopeful smile, he died back down.
Gil frowned. He walked up to Oz, who was still curled up.
"Oz, I'm sorry..." Gil said, taking a seat next to Oz.
Oz didn't answer.
"I was stupid and desperate for your attention, even though I had more than anyone could ask for... I loved you more and more everyday, it was hard for me to hide my feelings, and so... I..."
"I know," Oz interrupted. "It...It wasn't your fault."
"Not my fault? It was my fault, I should have never--"
Oz lifted his head, and stared straight at Gil's gleaming eyes.
"I am disappointed in you, Gil..." he said sternly.
Gil looked down in shame.
"You drugged me and left me here without even stopping to think for a moment about what you said. You told me so much that made me feel so loved and so warm, yet you left me here after I said I love you, just because of a plan gone wrong. You really should think before you act," Oz snapped.
Gil bit his lower lip. "...Okay, Gil?"
The blonde stared at Gil's flustered face. Gil could never show himself like this in front of anyone else...
He threw his arms around Oz and cried, "I'm sorry! Alright? I was just so scared you--"
"You told me you loved me. I love you a lot too, Gil... If that much is true, why did you think I would reject you...?" Oz murmured shyly, petting Gil's damp hair.
"I...don't know..."
"I want to try this relationship, Gil..."
Gil smiled, hugging Oz tighter.
Their heartbeats were in perfect sync as they sat together in the darkened day with their delicate shadows melding together.
Gilbert was on the verge of tears. Even when everything seemed wrong, his master accepted it like it was nothing.
Gil wondered why he ever thought differently. He knew his master so well, and he knew Oz would never reject anyone, yet he was scared the whole time.
He never thought that it would end up like it was now. It was all so magical, but it was merely love at work.
The monochrome sky continued to let its tears fall around the two.
"Thank you, Oz," Gil whispered. "Thank you so much..."
Oz beamed, "No. Thank you, Gil. I'm sorry for making you worry..."
"That's alright," Gil replied with smirk. He lifted Oz's chin just a bit, inviting him into a kiss.
"I love you, Gil."
Who would've guessed it?
An old fanfic of mine. :3 Recently rewritten. XD
I know it really makes no sense at all, because this was my FIRST EVER fanfiction for anything. Especially for Shonen-Ai and Yaoi. :U So, if it's hard to understand, I'm sorry. ; A ;

This is chapter 2! XP Thank you everyone for comments and faves and reading! XD

Chapter 1 is here: [link]

Chapter 3 is here: [link]

I hope you liked! Later chapters will be uploaded upon request of three or more people. :U Thankies.

I have more fanfics on, please do sign up for Fwunk (free) and send a friend request to itsalimon. Note: I have more chapters of this on Fwunk, but the rest of the fanfictions there are SOUTH PARK. :U Okei? Thanks. XD I also tend to update stuff on Fwunk... So that's where my blogs and stuff are... :U Join Fwunk IF you're interested. XP Sign up here: [link]

Thank you! ♥

All characters belong to Jun Mochizuki.
Fanfiction belongs to ~VitaminLF
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tsumugi-sensei Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Student Writer
~eyes tearing~ this is truly beautiful. I've read so many Oz x Gil doujinshi's, but they were all... not sweet and wholesome, you know?!
MisterAngryPenguin Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Wow! I love it ^.^
Its so cute and sweet, you're a really good writer :D
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xD random, just write more plz :D
AnimeMimiChan Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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Anyways I request more chapters! :iconwalleyedplz:
LaserGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you ever so much for posting this! I loved it, very cute! Gil seems slightly emo, but everyone love's emo Gil!
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