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Wall of Hearts
The following story contains Boy's Love. *maleXmale*
Don't like? Don't read.


By: Limon Fern

"Don't act like nothing happened out there!"
That one sentence made Oz and Gil tremble.
They feared their cover was blown, and now they would have to deal with the humiliation.
"W-What...?" Oz asked, choking on the word.
"Haha, I'm just kidding!" Xerxes finally burst out, obviously amused to the max.
The two new partners gave out a sigh of relief. They were glad he finally put a stop to all the fake seriousness, even though they did prefer him like that.
They both knew he was already crazy in his mind.
The Mad Hatter bowed and turned around swiftly, making his clothing swish in the air. He looked back at the two walking oceans and gave them a large grin.
"You two are so boring," he teased. "I wonder why...? What exactly stirred the most out in that storm?"
After a long second of silence, the silver-haired man let out a fake laugh and disappeared down the red-carpeted hall.
"Does he know?" Oz wondered out loud. Gil gave Oz a look of reassurance before replying, "Probably not. He said he was joking afterall."
Oz's lips formed a friendly smile then spoke, "Okay, I'll be in my room." With that, he took a step past Gil and started to shake his head like a dog drying off.
Gil couldn't resist holding the boy back. He pulled Oz into a hug, almost causing him to lose his balance.
But with Gil being the closest one, it wasn't like Oz was afraid of ever falling.
They sat in a peaceful atmosphere. It was so comforting to Oz to be kept so close like this.
He was cold from the clouds that soaked into his hair and clothes, and even though Gil was too, it still felt unbelievably nice.
"What is it, Gil?" Oz asked, holding Gil's arms against his chest.
To tell the truth, there wasn't really any important Gil wanted to notify Oz about.
He just wanted to hold Oz before anyone could interrupt the calmness of the corridor.
"Don't leave yet," Gil loudly whispered. His body gradually became warmer from embarrassment.
"You know well that I would never really leave," Oz replied. A few minutes passed as the two enjoyed the warmth and love.
Oz found it rude of him when he half fell asleep, but it wasn't really his fault, now was it?
The day had been long and exhausting. So many things jammed into Oz's thoughts; it gave him bittersweet dreams.
It took Gil awhile to notice his master's soft snores, but when he did he smiled.
He really thought it was cute. Pretty soon, Oz's weight started to tire the strong arms around him.
Gil sighed, picking up his master carefully and carrying him bridal-style to his bedroom.
He opened the thick wooden door that led into Oz's room. A welcoming and sweet scent filled his lungs.
He took a seat on the edge of the queen sized bed before placing Oz neatly beside him.
The younger boy's breathing was steady like the ticking of a clock.
Gil did not want to be reminded of Oz's seal that slowly drained the time out of Oz's life, but he figured he'd have to live with it...
He looked down at the sleeping Oz. That angel belonged to Gil; chained to the black feathers of sin.
Gil wondered to himself, "Will we be able to live any longer after this?"
He lost confidence for a moment, but then he remembered, it was Oz he was with. Of course things would be difficult.
But, as Oz always said, "You just have to accept the things that happen in life."
So, Gil shook away the bad thoughts and tried to think of better things. There was no use in sitting in self-pity.
He brushed his hand through Oz's blonde hair, ruffling it a bit. Gil found Oz's sleeping face handsome and somewhat enchanting.
The world suddenly felt surreal as the boy slight opened his eyes, revealing his amazing emeralds.
"Gil...?" he squeaked, turning himself so he had a better view of Gil.
Their eyes met and Oz smiled. Gil snapped out of his daze with a blink and leaned down to kiss Oz.
"How rude of me," he thought to himself, realizing he hadn't even asked for permission.
But, just as he started to pulled away, Oz wrapped his arms around Gil's shoulders, pulling him back to himself.
He kissed Gil forcefully, but the kiss softened into something more beautiful.
Gil was so tempted to advance further, but he decided Oz was too young. Well, he actually looked too young, Gil corrected himself.
So, he pulled away, making his master frown.
After what seemed to be 3 minutes, Oz sat up and opened his golden pocket watch.
The nostalgic tune of "Lacie" twinkled in their ears.
"It's eight..." he said, staring at the sparkling hands of the watch that ticked by oh-so-slowly.
The tune seemed to never end. "Isn't it a lovely song?" Oz asked, looking up at Gil.
The direct eye contact made Gil stiff. "Yeah," the Raven lied. Of course it was a beautiful song, but to Gil it held the memories of the past.
It concealed a terrible secret of some sort. It reminded him too much of the incident 100 years back.
Gil didn't let it get to him though, because he knew Oz would certainly and easily see through that false smile.
So, he supported his answer with, "It's a lovely song indeed..."
Oz shut the watch and cut off the melody had played like a broken record.
They had nothing in particular to talk about, so they kept their mouths shut for a short time.
Perhaps it wasn't the lack of a topic. Perhaps it was the fact that they were both too shaken from the day's events too engage in any normal conversation.
Oz decided to at least make small talk, just to fill in the gap of dead silence.
"What're you thinking about?" he asked, grabbing Gil's attention once more.
"Hm, nothing really," Gil answered, obviously hiding his true thoughts.
Though it was clear Gil wanted to keep his thoughts to himself, it didn't stop Oz from trying to steal those wonderful words.
"Am I nothing?" Oz questioned, knowing Gil would say something back.
"What? Of course you are something," the other answered almost immediately. Perfect.
"There's no doubt I am something," Oz said, putting his feet on the ground. "But, I'd find it really nice if I was that "nothing" you're thinking about."
Gil turned red. Oz saw right through him again with no failure. He really was a devious character...
Oz grinned triumphantly. He touched his forehead to Gil's and asked in a whisper, "Understood?"
Gil nodded. It felt as if time had thrown them back 10 years; back to the time they played tag in the garden and lived a completely carefree life as nothing but children.
But, they were both yanked out of that memory when a voice suddenly rang.
"Hello you two,"
This was sitting around. :3

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 5: [link]

There's 6 chapters of this, 7 chapters of Wall of Hearts 2, and Wall of Hearts 2: Blackout has 4 (so far). Don't worry, they're all short... XD I stopped the progress a long time ago and the ones that are posted here are just rewritten ones (which are far more better. XD) With that said, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

Thank you everyone for commenting and faving! I might not reply to comments, but I DO read them and it makes me smile! Thank you so much everyone!!


All characters belong to Jun Mochizuki.
Fanfiction belongs to ~VitaminLF
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